Bitmedia banner problem

Started by bloxwich 2021-09-29 at 21:02
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When bitmedia banner is at the top of screen adjacent to the ad timer bar, every time I click the upside down image I am redirected to bitmedia ads so I can't get credit for viewing the ad. This is happening on all three sites and only when this banner is present. I have logged in on two different devices but both have the same problem. Anyone else having this annoying problem ?????
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Yes, me too.
But not only the captcha is than a bitmedia link... the whole site is a bitmedia link!
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Yes also here...admin what happen to all sites of gpt, scarlet and optimal?????

These ads are annoying..........
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Me too ,

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yeah me too, the most annoying is at optimalbux site. i cannot login because of it