New minimum deposit for Skrill/Neteller

Started by admin 2021-08-30 at 17:43
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Dear members,

Effective immediately the minimum amount you can deposit using Skrill or Neteller is $35.

We have to change the minimum deposit amount since Skrill and Neteller charge a minimum 1 Euro )around $1.2) + 1% + $0.36 for each deposit.
So,if for example you deposit $5 we pay $1.52 in fees which more than 30% of the amount.As you can understand we can not continue like this.

The other solution was to increase a lot the withdraw fees but,in our opinion this wouldn't be fair for free members who want to get paid to Skrill or Neteller.

Best regards,
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ok I understand
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For my part it will make me lose 2 complete pages my referral...

I had well realized since 2 months my activity but there it will make me lose 2 months...
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There is no minimum deposit per transaction. However, the maximum amount is 10,000 EUR per deposit (or supported currency equivalent, see details in table above).

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