I need your opinions.

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I need your opinions. Everyday, average rate of clicking of my RR is steadily. And there are no ways to be higher than 5.2. I tried to recycling RR who have low rate of clicking, but at the end the result is always the same, 5.2.

I have 480 RR and gold membership. I sent a support ticket and I applied their recommendations to rise AVG of RR, but there were no use of it. AVG have stayed the same ( 5.2).

What I can to do? How much is AVG of your RR?

I need your assistance, because with average rate of clicking 5.2, there is no purpose to stay here because you do not have any profit with 1750 RR, and more RR.
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Hey there .
well kinda hard to answer you post, because have no idea about you RR strategy (how you manage Your RR) .
For me - I'm currently Monthly silver with 99RR / 365day's renew (lowest are atm 243 day's).
Close to upgrade to Yearly gold - and keep on going renting when that happen's ( in small numbers. eg building up slow but strong).

My last week RR avg been from - 5,3232 to 5,8484
with a BEP of 5,136 the account makes money.

Else i follow these rules for renting and building up the account is as follow -
1. recycle RR when 5 day's of last click
2. Don't Recycle more RR than 80% of daily earnings. if there are more still follow the rules - and recycle in small packs
3. When building up account with RR to desired number (mine are 1000RR with yearly gold) - don't focus on AVG but day's since last click - unless AVG goes bellow BEP - if AVG > BEP don't recycle low AVG, why? a RR that is active but have a low AVG is still giving you money, i rather take the money than get something i have no clue about.
4. rent in small pak - mine is 10RR at a time and extend to 365 day's for max discount.

5. track your RR - personally i made a excell sheet to track the clicks , seem to work:P
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Thanks for respond.

My strategy?
I have monthly gold membership and I have in this moment 480 RR.
Approximately, everyday, my RR have around 2500 clicks, what mean their AVG are 5.2.
My AVG before that was the same, ( when I have smaller number of RR) 5.2.

My strategy is: I recycling referrals which are not active for two days. What mean everyday I recycling only a few referrals (3-4) no more of that.
I renting small packs of RR.

But whatever I do the rate of clicking is the same 5.2. As you know auto pay for more than 1000 RR is 0.005 what mean if you have more than 1750 I do not any profit.

The same strategy I implementing in scarlet click and I do not have any problems there. In scarlet-click my AVG is about 6.0 and strategy is the same.

Interesting, I do not have any fluctuations in my AVG in GPT or scarlet-click. My daily profit is approximately 0.5 $. 2.5 $ profit from clicking - cost of auto pay 1.95 $+cost of recycling 0.08-0.12$ = 0.5$, roughly.

What I should to change?
What does mean BEP?
Maybe, I should avoid recycling RR except RR which are inactive more than 4 days?
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I assumed that BEP could mean, a rate of clicking RR.
As you see on picture many of RR have "BEP" lesser than 0.0052.

Recently I recycled all RR with "BEP" lesser than 4.8, or their AVG, but there is no use.
In total, nothing has happen, the rate of clicking remain the same.

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What is BEP ?

to make money in a bux site it is important that your income cover your expenses, this is common sense, one way to make sure of this is to plan ahead and keep an eye on your income. The expenses are set from the bux site, so it is all up to you as a member, if you want to invest more or keep at the stage you are at and save up for a future investment. In other words make more money or to cut down some of the expenses by renewing the referral, upgrade your membership status or account. To plan ahead and make up a strategy we need to find out our cost – or breakeven point (BEP) of you rented referral.

Formula for RR
BEP = (Referral Price/Referral Click Value)/Days
Autopay price : 0.0042
Click Value : 0.001
Referral Price = 0.0042 * 30 = 0.126

BEP = 0.126 / 0.001 / 30 = 4,2 AVG

Calculating BEP – adding membership price
Membership cost: $10
Membership Duration: 30 days
Click Value = 0.001
BEP=((membership cost / RR click value)/ membership duration) /number of RR
$10 / $0.001 = 10000 clicks from your referrals needed.
10000 / 30 = 333,333 clicks from your referrals every day.
333,333 / 480 = 0.6944 AVG extra needed.

TotalBep = BepRR + BepMembership.
TotalBep = 4,2000 + 0.6944 = 4.8944

Now that you know the BEP - it's easier to find the RR that is not making money and focus
on recycle those first i guess

Part from that I would let the RR be in the Account a little bit longer before Recycle as posted earlier
i change them after 5 day's of no click. but im running with a diffrent account set up so
maybe be to long for an account useing Autopay.
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Thank you very much for your detailed explanation.
Your explanation is very useful not only for me, but for all members, and not only for this site.

Thank you, again!
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