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Started by caligularomio 2020-01-13 at 06:57
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Hello my friends.

I am user caligularomio from Greece.

Many of you know me from mt stories in Dimitris's three sites. Maybe some other know me from my story in the most known ptc.

Many times I read compains about the three sites of Dimitris's. I can make sure to you that these sites are profitable and stable. But it is slowly profitable. You will not become rich but you can have a profit of about 2k per year per site, in the end.

Ptc Industry, is not as easy as you think. I can tell you many stories from my own experience.
My first experience was from a Greek ptc called esb. The min cashout was 6 euros if I remember, I had 15, not experienced enough. But then the site closed. My first scam was ZapBux. I remember Clixsense (now Ysense) with ads and upgrades. My favourite Clicksia and Incentria too :) . My experience with the number 1 ptc was profitable (about 1400$ profit) but left me a bad taste. I thought they were different. As I think (and has proved it a lot of times) Dimitris is. They weren't.

At the moment, I am in a total loss of about 600$. But I have about 7k in my balance in DImitris's sites. I also have three big accounts in these sites, I believe I can have about 5-7k if I decide (NOT) to let all of my rr expire. So, my ptc journey is in profit mode. You must think that I can cashout 10 times of 47.9$ per month (after skrill fees) from gptplanet, 6 times of 47.9$ from scarlet and 6 times of 96.4$ (what a great news Dimitris) from optimal. So, you can understand why I am in profit mode.

Was it easy? No.
Was it quick? No.
Was it worthy? Yes.

I made a lot of mistakes in my ptc journey. Some, were because I was new. Some, because I made wrong calculations. Some, because of scammers. Every user has a different strategy, different amount he can invest, different time for surveys, tasks etc. If you want a low (for rich countries, because for other countries this is better than wage) but steady profit, you are in the right place. Don't be afraid to invest an amount that you will not miss if something goes wrong here. It is worthy. I am very unhappy with me that I started my investment sites in Dimitris's sites after 3 years of my first registration.

Maybe some of you, will think that I know Dimitris. I don't know him. The only chat I have with him is in the "support" section.
Maybe some of you will think that I am a user with special benefits. No, I am not. I pay the sime prices as as you.
If anyone of you believes that I am a fake user, with fake stats, no.... I am a real user, with real account, with real life, with real family and real job.

I want to thank you all for reading my post, wish you the best for your accounts and suggest you to invest (as much as you can afford to loose if something goes wrong, this is not only for ptcs, but for forex, bet, everything you do) in the three sites and work with tasks, surveys etc. It is worthy.

Your ptc friend
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thanks you for shared.