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Dear members,

We are forced to adjust the supported payment processors.

The previous time,in order to add funds to our Perfect Money and Payeer accounts we paid around 15% fee.This is happening because our company is based in Montenegro and most certified exchangers of PM use SEPA bank accounts and not SWIFT.

Since we can not keep paying these high fees and transfer funds between the payment processors all the time we have decided to remove some payment processors.

This will not happen at once in order for you to get ready for this change.

At the end of this transition period the payment processors that will be supported will be :

Skrill,Neteller,Solidtrustpay and AirTM.

At first we will remove Perfect Money on the 20th of July.

Then we will remove Payeer and lastly Bitcoin,Litecoin and Dash.

The reason for removing crypto is to avoid what happened in February and March due to the high volatility in crypto prices.

Now,for the members that want to continue to use these payment processors you can use them via AirTM.

AirTM is a platform on which you can add funds to your AirTM wallet via multiple processors such as Perfect Money,Payeer,Crypto,Skrill,Neteller,Bank and Paypal!

The benefit of having AirTM is that we will not have to move funds around therefore the withdraw fees will be much lower.

Also you will NOT have to deposit from AirTM in order to withdraw to AirTM.If you can,now,withdraw to Perfect Money or Payeer or any cryptocurrency you will be able to withdraw to AirTM as well.

I believe that this change will make the site more stable and we will slowly increase the withdraw limits back to normal rates.

Finally,if you want you can use our AirTM referral link and get $1 to your AirTM account if you verify your AirTM account,make at least 3 transactions (to a total of $5) and cash out up to $5 from any PTC site.
Our referral link is :

I will update this post with the dates that Payeer and Crypto will get replaced with AirTM.

Best regards,
Scarlet-clicks,Gptplanet and OptimalBux Admin
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You will get faster support if you send us a support ticket.
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I totally agree
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Okay Dear Admin.
I registered.

For withdraw money.
Is it enough to write E-Mail to Airtm?
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longlife gptplanet
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Can AirTM be used to transfer money to a PayPal account or just PayPal can be used to add money to the AirTM wallett?
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No payeer
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yes i do agree
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Do you have get verified after signing up with Airtm?
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No problem about this.
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suggest you to use Faucethub to make withdrawal to bitcoin or other cryptocurrency to keep the fees as low as possible