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I do not know what's happening because my payment is late. I requested 21.11.18 and to this day I have not received
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If its with crypto they are delayed due to the crypto crash.
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had you ? recieved ?
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still - received or not check and reply soon
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Srs. GPT Planet, I have, problems with the withdrawal of my money, it turns out that I write my birthday and it tells me that it is a mistake, that it is not my birthday. I have already retired on other occasions and I have had no problems, but it turns out that now I can not withdraw .. I would like to know how to solve this problem. So far you have seemed responsible and attentive people, I appreciate continuing to do a good service giving the quick solution to my problem because it is a money that I have been working with a lot of dedication. Sincerely, Juliany Cabeza. Date of Birth 01/10/1975.
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You'd better contact Admin via support.

And remember that you will be asked for your birthday everytime you want to cashout, so it is not recommended to write it in public forum. Please edit your post.