Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays!

Started by chubbycow 2017-12-25 at 01:45
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I just wanted to stop by real quick and wish everyone here a Merry Christmas!

And if you don't celebrate Christmas then I wish all Happy Holidays!
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Merry Christmas!!
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Merry christmas and I wish everyone a happy and a peacefull year the only salvation this world will have is whne the king mesiah retuns and that is jesus messiah it is a prophecy that will be fulfilled there is no escape that this will happen god will complete what he has started the kingdom of satan will come to an end there are foretold signs of the end times and the events that will take place.. many more worse events will unfold until all believers and non believers join forces under one shelter through love peace and tolerance in islam we are waiting for Mahdi.. and also Prophet Jesus these two enlightened great servants of god will fulfill and turn this world into once anothe rlivable and lovable place through the love of God almighty... The torah.. the bible, the quran are all pointing to these two greatly awaited people trust me it's going to happen but bigger events are going to take place first nearly every sign of their appearance has already taken place, this world is a place for us to be tested, the righteous the one that has morality will certainly play a major role in the hereafter and of course in this world be happy and thankfull and give thanksgiving to all the resources god has given us, first of all it is health... love you all !!!!
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happy new year
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late but.. merry xmas too..
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i my country don't celebrate Christmas but I wish all Happy Holidays
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I'd like to congratulate... Happy New Year... with all online... of course and Admin... with the desire for next year to be more successful and more stable in all... greetings

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